When we come to this world we are fresh and powerful, beautiful and naive. The harsh reality teaches us and many get broken ... At the same time there are inner places and states of mind of eternal beauty and flourishing feelings of love and knowledge. To stop in the middle of a day and become conscious that what seems to be the burdon of our life is merely a constructed illusion has the potential to heal the hurt and anger we think we can't avoid ...



Turn the Stone


So we wait, for that day to come

When our hearts arise, from all pain and grief

Strong we stood, at the dawn of life

Had no harm to fear, life went on and on


When we were bold and the world was to gain


Everyone could see – we were gods

Everyone could feel – pure abundance

Sharing our dreams – magic moments

Shining on and on, like crazy diamonds


Turn the stone, turn the stone


But soon: knock knock, we were bound to be

To be all we need, to comply to the game

Some just broke, and some fought back

Neither one escaped, but still we are what we feel


Fight forever – conquer pain

Till its over – nil to gain

Break our bodies – rape our minds

Drown in evil – endless rain


Sons and daughters – joy and pain

Same old story - new again

Live and love and learn and burn

Till we leave this world again


Don't give up, we're here to grow

Only love can melt the stone


Long for reason – lose your mind

Endless searches – walk the line

Cry for love – and ache in pain

Win and lose – and start again


Break our bodies – rape our minds


Once you’ve been there

You can‘t forget

All shades of sound

Still echo in your head


Sweet emotion

As sweet as it gets

Frees your body

From any dreads


Love is all

A cosmical delight

Your free soul

Will surely be all right


Free and floating

Through the cosmic haze

Between the galaxies

Eternally amazed


No scurrility

Can touch you when you're gone

No infraction

Can hurt you when you‘re one


Back in the body

Turn your head and then

Face mortality

And turn the stone again


Turn the stone

Turn the stone

There’s no stone to turn


Turn the stone

Turn the stone

There’s no stone to turn,

my friend


Still we fear, for that day to come

When our heartbeat stops, and we fade into grey

All will die, was it all in vain?

There’s no one to say, but we try ...



© SUPERDRAMA, Robert Stein-Holzheim 02/2008 + 02/2010