Depending on our state of mind we experience different grades of conviction concerning the existence of higher dimensions. Is there life beyond death? The writer of these lines surely doesn't know, but from time to time it feels just like that ...


The Promise


Now that we’re here

Now that we breathe

Now that our blood tells us what to believe

Born to the flesh, risen from mud

 - is there a chance to ascend like a bud?


This side is hell, this side is pain

... We’re drowning in fears but in vain

All we can do is getting along

By the grace of the game


Killers by birth, we long for the light

Bound to a fate of impossible tasks, an unwinnable fight

Cruel and mighty through ongoing night


I want to know: is there an end

Is death - dark as it seems or do we come back


As questions burn deep we forget who we are

And who we were, feel beyond thought

Once I thought the wise men knew but now I know we feel the truth


Searching above, searching below

All that we long for is inside our souls

Claim your own land, sow your own seeds

We’re here to grow


All is within, all is without



All that we fear has the form of a thought





Thinking is fine but there's more to the mind





Open your heart





All souls awaken, all hearts will open

Way over yonder, truth will be spoken


All we crave for all we pray for - all we do

All we care for all we share here

More than anyone can ask for is revealed


Closing our eyes, we dive into light... catching a glimpse beyond nights

of eternal sleep and forgotten dreams to wake up inside


Now that we’ve seen

Now that we know


Now we know


We’re eternal souls playing infinite roles heading towards our heavenly goals


Now we are here, now we are whole, now we decide

To open our hearts, to share our minds, to ascend to the stars


More is to feel, more is to see….All souls awaken


(c) 2006 Robert Stein-Holzheim