It's really easy to loose oneself on the great search. So many quick emotional kicks, so much fun that costs health and time slips through our hands. I tell you: Every minute of these fights and extacies are worth it. And then comes a time where you're bound to develop yourself according to your own values and criteria. That's when you go beyond what you have offered to the world until then. So we can't believe to succeed. But we do. Yes we can :-)


Beyond What I Believe


Life – hold firmly onto me

What I’m gonna try

Is beyond what I believe


Oh why - am I a fragment of myself?

I lost my mind and very soul

What I don’t know I cannot share


            More than once, I met another kind of mine out there

            More than once I missed my fate


            Every now and then another line of time out there

            And going in seems quite insane


I run for my life and I live on the run

Nothing can soothe me and nothing is fun

Escape from my demons, escape from my dreams

My life is a nightmare I’m lost in extremes


I went evil ways and became kind of numb

I flew from myself and the thing I’ve become

Attracting the beauty, attracting the beast

I won for a night but gave up piece by piece


            We will take care, we’ll soothe your soul.


…Though I’d really love to share


I forgot what I came for, was losing my ground

Got nothing to strive for, was nowhere bound

In deepest confusion I still made my stand

In search for an answer I burned in demand


I’ll put up the fight that will lead me to love

I’ll run to the hills and fly like dove

The calling is clear – I’ll go for the core

I know I’ll succeed for I have been there before


We will take care…


© 2006 Robert Stein-Holzheim