Sentient Beings


Beneath the speed of light
above the death of mass
if temperatures’s just right
life begins its task

Where possibility collapses
a narrow path evolves
of joy and grief in flesh
as minds begin to ask

Single beeings
single thinking
single feeling
sentient beeings
long for love

Fighting, surviving, dying and reborn
suffering the lot, dissipate in joy
laughter, crying, shattering the stars
If I were your god, I’d love you all

Single beings
single thinking
single feeling
sentient beeings
live and die for love

Beyond the speed of light
no matter lingers on
no flesh is ever born
still there is someone

Where love is oxygen
where every thought is real
and nothing is impossible
is where I really feel –

(c) Robert Stein-Holzheim 2009