The Healing Earth



Where in this world I call mine

Will I find peace?

You and all the mirrors and shadows

Can’t bring me release


Sweet memories and most dangerous illusion

Have clung onto me

Strange words of wonder and reason

Just what can I believe?


Wake up and take what’s mine

Wise speaker

Light seeker

The wonder of birth

This bleeding earth


Strongly - our hearts plough their ways

Yours just like mine

Speak or keep silent for good

Will you ever cross the line?


Lust, hate and hubris, the forces of evil

Are raging to tear me apart

So take this split second emotion

Away, let love in my heart!


Stand up and make your mark

Finding new meanings, it’s something I’m dreaming:

An energy curve

This healing earth


Binds me to think ahead

Sunlight revealer

Dream life believer

Blessing and curse

This healing earth


Lay your hands on me

May my heart be free

To let go of all the strife

Carry on with this life…


Blessing and curse on this fragile earth


Lead me beyond this confusion

Guide me into higher faith

Just to let go...


© 06/2007 Robert Gozon