By the lake


My heart is calling you

Shadow of the night

Blackened is the sky

Joined in silence,

The spirit has woken


Lover, where are you?


Standing by the lake,

In the garden of dreams,

At nightfall I shall wake

In my shelter

I am waiting:


Lover, where are you?


Distance, sheltered by the dark

The rustling of the wind

Close-by, a bitter spark

Joined in silence,

The spirit’s woken


Lover, where are you?


Sinking down, with heavy limbs,

The time moves on

I shall abide, endure the frost,

To see your lovely, dreamful eyes

Lead me to the light.


Joined in silence

The spirit’s woken

In my shelter

I am waiting


The forest sings a song,

While the moon plays the violin,

I’m dancing face to face

With the poets of the night


Your passion is impelling

And surrounded by the spirits of eternal light

I can fight the evil and the fear

Still in me


(c) 2006 Robert Gozon