Finally Home


Once within a light

Emerges a seed



To start the great voyage  



From the start amnesia rules

Can't be sure what we came for

Then we wake to thousand thoughts

A zillion choices to pursue


Be like this and be like that

Build an image bold and strong

Fight the doubts and fix the holes

Lose yourself and feel alone


Once within a mind

Emerges a thought



To ask for god's reasons  



All our teachers seem so strange

Maybe someone knows the way

Through following our truth is lost

Till we're sure: there's no one to trust

No one to trust...


I can see it, everyone feels it

Some write it, some wrong it

From our source in the beyond

To perception of life on earth


We shiver alone, pretend this is home

We've come from afar and reach for the stars


Countless wonders wait

To those who awake

To judgeless acceptance


Surely our souls shine

Hereafter again

To share the experience


I waited forever, so longing to shine   

Led by my loved ones, I’m finally home



(c) 2009 Robert Stein-Holzheim