In Realtime


History reveals - we are the killing kind

Mankind is evil – deaf, dumb and blind

So don’t give a damn - let the downfall unfold

We are not to save but a plague to this world


Why should I care when the others go to hell?

Me? I feel alright … believe me when I say:

It’s not just me, most are with me on this:

Take all you can and forget about the rest!


Dying in realtime

Blood on the screen

Dying in realtime – for free!


Watching the world in despair

What a gorgeous show

Gimme some more

Give me more

I want more

of that thrill … of the kill

- - -

Inevitable doom feels impossible to fight

Why should I act when I’ve lost before I tried?

This world doesn’t love me – so: Why should I?

Still fear that it is me and not the world that’s not alright …


Watching in realtime

Death on my screen

Watching in realtime and cry

Watching in realtime

It is me that I see

What is in me plays on the screen


There’s no way to escape

It’s a matter of faith

Stand your ground, sound out loud

turn the truth … inside out,

make the move!


© 2007 + 04/2012 Robert Stein-Holzheim